COMING OUT by Visual Organization

COMING OUT by Visual Organization

People are interesting creatures. They could be anything but themselves. Animals are not stupid, but some people are. Duck and hide — this is all you can

Photography:  Vasily Levanov

Model:  Kirill Karkach

Style:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  Konyushennaya


Postproduction:  Vasily Levanov

Published:  July 19, 2017

COMING OUT by Visual Organization
Slide 1 (Escape)
Reality could be harsh when you have to constantly deal with your emotions and compromise on feelings.

COMING OUT by Visual Organization
Slide 2 (Let it be)
If you don't have the courage to stand, it's on you, but never underestimate the ones who had.Gym - Haters, Muscle Car - Denial, Stop hiding, Your butt - Your rules #yourbuttyourrules

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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.937037, 30.322722


Source Image 2

Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.937008, 30.322609



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COMING OUT by Visual Organization

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