LIFEFORM by Visual Organization

LIFEFORM by Visual Organization

I'm here to address all of menkind. I'm here to ask when enough is enough? I'm here to show who the real pussy is. I'm here to tell open your fucking eyes

Photography:  Alexey Fargotov

Model:  Anastasia Volkova

Style:  Alexey Fargotov

Location:  Bedford Studio


Postproduction:  Vasily Levanov

Published:  August 25, 2017

LIFEFORM by Visual Organization
Slide 1 (Fact)
Entity who poses this kind of power can do anything it wants, and others will blindly obey its will.

LIFEFORM by Visual Organization
Slide 2 (Disturbing truth)
We like to share with you our recent discovery related to the subject. The content is on this slide. Exhibit A, Bride.
Pussy power manipulation, money control tie up, angry discipline dominance, and trophy manage.

LIFEFORM by Visual Organization
Slide 3 (Under control)
While the nation is waiting for an official government respond on how to approach this, in the meantime You have been warned.

LIFEFORM by Visual Organization
Poster 1 (Blank)
They don't want to hurt us, but they do at the end. Who is responsible for the relationship patterns that we have in our heads? ALEXEY FARGOTOV COLLABORATION

LIFEFORM by Visual Organization
Poster 2 (Fairytale)
Since the beginning of time these beautiful creatures enlighten us on how we should live. What price do we have to pay to stay away from their feed? ALEXEY FARGOTOV COLLABORATION

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Author:  Alexey Fargotov

Location:  59.974663, 30.325590



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LIFEFORM by Visual Organization

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