TEST ME by Visual Organization

TEST ME by Visual Organization

Up to the sky, and even beyond. Down to the pit without hope. What we are capable of, what we contain, starring at the picture with nothing but pain

Photography:  Vasily Levanov

Model:  Marfa Kempbell

Location:  Millionnaya


Postproduction:  Vasily Levanov

Published:  July 6, 2017

TEST ME by Visual Organization
Slide 1 (Waiting)
Pushing own needs on the side is a choice. It's great that you're carrying about the person you love, but this is doesn't mean that she he cared about you.

TEST ME by Visual Organization
Slide 2 (Hoping)
You can stop this at any time you want. It's nice to imagine how your life can be, but it's easy to fall into the trap when someone you secretly love is involved. Fire Emotion Enough Help Never Try Forget Blame #notenough

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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.942548, 30.320707


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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.942550, 30.320712



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TEST ME by Visual Organization

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