TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization

While the photographer is trying to do his best at the scene and a model is acting like he is almost all in, some tactical stuff can be missed or unseen

Photography:  Vasily Levanov

Model:  Micheal Adeniji

Style:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  Bankovskiy


Postproduction:  Vasily Levanov

Published:  October 2, 2017

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 1 (Line of work)
When you are planning to outsmart someone there is a good chance that your opponent is already thought this through.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 2 (No setback)
It's hard to predict how it'll go until the matter is resolved, but in the meantime, it's a mess and an open case to discuss. WhatsApp conversation between Micheal Adeniji and Vasily Levanov, two days after the photoshoot.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 3 (Unexpected turn)
Signed agreement can help you in a lot of ways, it may not solve the problem itself, but it will give you the power to do the right thing. Micheal: I think I should be rewarded for my work.
Vasily: Micheal, this was a TFP contract and photocards will be your only reward.
Vasily: By the way, you didn't fill out all required fields in Model Release form, please text me whats missing.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 4 (Waste of time)
Sudden change of mind can put everything at risk and lead to a spot where neither of the sides will get what they want. Micheal: Well… I can't just take pictures if it has no benefits.
Micheal: I ain't releasing my person details Bro if it does not benefit me in any ways.
Micheal: I don't even know why I did the photoshoot yesterday... It was just like a waste of time.
Vasily: If you don't complete a Model Release form I'll be unable to send you those pix.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 5 (Clear message)
Badgering is an effective technique to make things go your way, but it won't work unless you have a leverage to apply. Micheal: I'm sure you would benefit a lot using dose pictures… and what is my own benefit in this?
Micheal: I'm wasted my time, wasted my money for transport, wasted the whole day taking pictures with no compensation.
Vasily: No Model Release, no pictures. You knew this from the beginning.
Vasily: And no further compensation for you as well, this one is stated crisp and clear in Model Release which is you read and signed.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 6 (On the spot)
If you cut up on the lie, the best thing you can do is to admit that you were wrong and start this relationship from a clean slate. Micheal: We didn't make any agreement and that wasn't even my signature.
Vasily: You are telling me that you forge a legal document to get photos for free?
Micheal: Men don't try me! I won't send my passport number to you.
Micheal: Because you want to make use of my pictures for free too.
Vasily: Yes, this is exactly how TFP contract works.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 7 (We'll be in touch)
Forcing others to do what they are refuse is wrong because by doing this you will lose any respect you had left. Micheal: You think you are wise right? Send me my pictures now.
Vasily: I think we're done here.
Micheal: I don't understand you done how??
Micheal: I would take it up with you... I would inform my government about this... and my school congregation would know about this.
Micheal: I promise you would be jailed for this.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 8 (Deletion request)
Every problem could be solved, until the moment when it becomes personal and both sides are reaching the point of no return. Micheal: You messed with the wrong person!! You would be in big problems Bro, I promise you, let's wait and see.
Micheal: The best thing you have to do now is send my pix and delete it from your camera.
Micheal: That's the only thing that can help.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 9 (Back and forth)
Consequences can be crucial if the person is pushing the limits without a moral code that should stand on his way. Vasily: For inappropriate behavior including threatening other people's lives and wellbeing, violation of TFP photography agreement (incomplete Model Release form), extortion and possibly, forge a legal document I've decided to hold on said photographs for an indefinite time, please consider my decision is final.

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Slide 10 (Wish you well)
People make mistakes, but it is not a good idea to ask for forgiveness if it collates with your initial plan. And Micheal, for more information regarding this case please visit my website

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Poster 1 (Preliminary)
Scouting on the streets is always a risk. How to tell that your perfect fit ain't aiming for more than you are planning to give?

TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization
Poster 2 (Action)
Dealing with model's emotions is a part of a photographer's job. But what should they do if the model's behavior is out of line?

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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930443, 30.323807


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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930654, 30.323209


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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930415, 30.323854


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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930392, 30.323809


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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930659, 30.323218


Source Image 6

Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930664, 30.323201


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Author:  Vasily Levanov

Location:  59.930367, 30.323879



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TROUBLEMODEL by Visual Organization

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